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Revolutionary Enterprise Management Systems is not a claim, it's our mission.

We want to work with people who believe, or suspect, that better data and knowledge systems can deliver step-change performance for their business.

We believe breakthrough solutions are more likely to come from a team that understands business as well as it understands technology.

We believe great systems start with imagination and progress through mutual connection to expert development and a business that will flourish.

That's why DataWaves International is led by Peter Makin, Business Analyst, and Colleen Hammersley, Structural Analyst - both acclaimed members of the global FileMaker developer community.

And that's why we have brought together an elite group of independent specialists with worldwide reputations, working together as a team.

We will approach your business from many perspectives: business flow and user experience, structure and strategy, architecture and teamwork.

We will work with you to develop revolutionary options and strategies.

We will deliver exceptional results through a hand-picked team of outstanding imagination and expertise.

the principals                                           the team of experts