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Revolutionary Enterprise Management Systems is not a claim, it's our mission.

We want to work with people who believe, or suspect, that better data and knowledge systems can deliver step-change performance for their business.

We believe breakthrough solutions are more likely to come from a team that understands business as well as it understands technology.

We believe great systems start with imagination and progress through mutual connection to expert development and a business that will flourish.

DataWaves is led by Colleen Hammersley whose business insight and cutting edge approach to solution structure make her an acclaimed member of the global FileMaker developer community.

Her unique, trusted approach has attracted an elite group of independent specialists with worldwide reputations, working together as a team.

You can be sure DataWaves will approach your business from many perspectives: business flow and user experience, structure and strategy, architecture and teamwork.

We will work with you to develop revolutionary options and strategies.

We will deliver exceptional results through a hand-picked team of outstanding imagination and expertise.

Most of us live and work within established paradigms. "the way we've always done it."

There is always a better way to run a business - but most improvements are incremental. The successful are searching for the paradigm shift.

While your rivals are settling for the generic your vision sets you apart.

You need an approach that is different - an approach that is better - an approach that is revolutionary.

You need people who won't simply take your project scope, but will help you make it.

This is an opportunity for a step-change, a breakthrough to a much better way. A [R]evolutionary way.

Join the revolution.

The spirit of human enterprise powers the world.

A mixture of ambition, ability, imagination, desire, determination, risk and reward are essential to growth.

All businesses start small and personal. Those that grow and flourish are those which best transmit the spirit of enterprise through every facet of their business.

This is what enterprise management systems need to do.

This is what DataWaves enterprise management systems are designed to do.

Revolutionary Enterprise Management Systems

Management is a goal-directed, team driven activity.

It needs to engage, involve and empower every individual in the business team.

It needs to consider what are the best ways to work together.

It strives to establish the best connections to its customers.

It aims to create a more efficient unit than the competition.

DataWaves will help you find better ways to achieve all these and more.

To create super connected teams working as efficiently as possible.

"I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create." William Blake

DataWaves creates systems that connect the mind of an organization with its muscles; its teams, its customers and its ambitions.

The better the system, the better the connections, the more the organization will flourish.

We will not be enslaved by what went before but will focus on what must be achieved and design the most efficient system to get there.

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